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Developers Console 命令列模式

1) Right-click the Airborne Demo desktop icon, select Properties

2) Go to the Shortcut tab, look for the Target: line.

3) the line will end with: \\MOHADemo.exe\” (including the \” mark). Add a single space after the \” , then type in: -enableconsole

4) The line should now look something like this (first part may be different depending on where you installed it): \”C:\\Program Files\\Electronic Arts\\Medal of Honor Airborne Demo\\UnrealEngine3\\Binaries\\MOHADemo.exe\” -enableconsole

5) Click Apply, the OK.

6) Start the demo.

7) Once in gameplay, press the tilde key ( ~ ) to bring up the console.

FPS Counter FPS计算

To count your computers Frame Per Seconds or FPS in the Medal of Honor Airborne demo, type the following in the developers console.

开始计算 stat fps 1 (with spaces) And then hit enter.
To turn off the FPS counter type the following.
停止计算 stat fps 0

More Console Commands.

ALLAMMO – 弹药全满
FLY – 飞行模式
GHOST – 穿牆模式
GOD – 无敌模式
LOADED – 全部物品都有
WALK – 停止飞行模式
slomo 数字 – 加快过场动画或简报播放速度,荣誉勋章 空降神兵 正常为 1
setspeed 数字 – 增加移动速度,正常为 1
upgradeweapon 数字 – 目前选用武器升级,3 的话可以直升最高 (不知道有没有用 ?)

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